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Cyprus offers a diverse landscape with sandy beaches, meadows, and valleys that are as rich as the island’s culture. Learn more about the complex history of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities that, although significantly different in some of their beliefs, will forever be intertwined and share common values such as high regard for family and hospitality. Experience the local cuisine with its diverse meze dishes, hummus, kebabs and baklava and explore Cyprus’ cycling routes, beaches, and cultural monuments.
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Steeped in Greek mythology and kissed by Aphrodite's charm, Paphos offers more than just clear blue waters and mild temperatures. Here, history and natural beauty coalesce in a landscape uniquely Cypriot. Situated in the Greek South, Paphos is a living testament to the island's multi-faceted personality: from its array of ancient ruins to its proximity to the untouched Akamas Peninsula, where dramatic bays and gorges await. Embark on an adventure that beckons amidst a complex, yet entrancing, backdrop shaped by the island's Greek and Turkish influences.
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Agia Napa – Protaras

Once only a small fishing village, Agia Napa has become one of the world's best travel destinations, known as a cosmopolitan resort area. Located on the eastern coast of Cyprus, the town is full of history and culture, with friendly and hospitable people. Nearby, Protaras is a popular resort area with some of the world's best golden beaches, crystal clear waters and lively entertainment. Whether you are looking for fascinating history, vibrant culture and nightlife, astounding natural beauty or a relaxing beach vacation, together these areas make up one of the Mediterranean's most desirable destinations.
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Clear blue waters, mild temperatures and caressing sunshine. It is easy to see how the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born from the waves lapping onto the Cypriot shore. The mythology, language, traditions and lifestyle are Greek, but the island features a beauty that is shrouded by its own, one-of-a-kind atmosphere, shaped by a structure that divides Cyprus and its capital Nicosia into the Turkish North and the Greek South. Its multi-faceted personality has an allure that attracts tons of holidaymakers.