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Although much has changed in Israel in the last twenty years, travelers will certainly still get a feel for the country’s complex politics. Nevertheless, Israel is a safe place to visit and has many things to offer, from ancient Bedouin culture to diverse landscapes, marked by the exceptional aura of the Dead Sea and the colourful canyon of Makhtesh Ramon. Learn more about this country’s turbulent past and explore the cities of Nazareth and JerUSAlem that are steeped in history. Try the abundance of local foods and delicacies like hummus and mezze or experience a modern Israel in one of Tel Aviv’s bars and nightclubs.
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Although Eilat existed already in ancient times, the modern town dates back to 1949. It is Israel’s premier winter sun resort and the heart of the Red Sea Riviera. Thrilling landscapes of red-tinted mountains, sheer blue skies and crystal clear waters give an exhilarating sense of adventure, pleasure and freedom, with a myriad of things to do and see.
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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, alongside Jerusalem, is one of the two most popular tourist destinations in Israel, as well as the economic and cultural centre of the country. The seaside location makes Tel Aviv an appealing summertime destination, and its reputation for lively nightlife and a burgeoning cultural scene explains it being dubbed the 'city that never stops'.
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Jerusalem, where history and spirituality converge, contains sacred sites central to world religions. The kaleidoscope of cultures results from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian communities. Experience a vibrant music scene and diverse cuisine, while the Light Festival and Jerusalem Film Festival provide cultural events. The city's spiritual aura and beauty are evident in its mosaics, architecture, and views from the Mount of Olives. A trip to Jerusalem is sure to leave a lasting impression.